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The 29th-31st. July 2022, ‘Fjordhesten Danmark’ organizes the European Championships for Fjordhorses.

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The event is held at the National Equestrian Center Vilhelmsborg, where some of Europe's best crews and riders will start. The participants come to compete and take part in the large community around the Fjordhorse.



Big international European Championships

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Europe Championships are held for both juniors and seniors, in show jumping, dressage, driving and all-round, so there will be something for everyone.


“We expect a big international European Championship. With the large number of participants already registered from many countries, there will be a fierce battle for the medals "

Speaks chair of the Sports Committee Maria Pejtersen


The last time there was a European Championship on Danish soil was in 2016, where most of the medals went to Danish riders, so it will be exciting to see if the Danish riders can repeat the success.




Championships in both show jumping and dressage

On the same weekend, winners must also be found among the best young horses, when championships are held in both show jumping and dressage, for 4, 5, 6 and 7 year olds and older horses.

A competent judging team has been set up, where riding master Bjarne Nielsen and international dressage judge Susanne Baarup Christensen will judge the dressage. Bjarne is in Denmark known as commentator for dressage for the Olympics. In the show jumping championship, Bjørn Munk Hansen, in collaboration with test rider Laila Pedersen (international show jumping and championship rider and rider from Katrinelund), will judge our talented fjord horses.

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Stallion selection

In parallel, with the European Championships in jumping and dressage, we must also keep an eye on the fjord horses of the future, as the annual stallion selection will also take place the same weekend. The Fjord Horse is a purebred breed, which is why it is of course a clear goal for Fjord Horse Denmark to ensure that the breeding work continues at the good pace which for more than 80 years has been essential for us to have the Fjord Horse we have today.

For the stallion selection, vi must greet the "new litter" in the form of the 2-year-old stallions, which must prove whether they are worthy of a breeding approval. At the same time, there will be a reunion with last year's stallions when they are placed with a view to having their breeding approval extended in the 3 year old team, or to obtain a final mating as a 4 year old stallion. As the top of the wreath cake, the stallion selection ends with the nomination of "stallion of the year" - a title that the current owner can go and make a hat trick on.



Live streaming

One of the things we learned during Corona is that streaming events is a great idea. This year we have therefore chosen to stream both from the European Championships and the stallion selection. “We have chosen this because we see the European Championships and the Stallion selection as a unique opportunity to show what a Fjord Horse can also do in terms of sports, and at the same time show the top of the Fjord Horse in breeding.


"We want to give our Fjord Horses interested friends from all over Europe, the opportunity to follow the European Championships closely"

Speaks chairman Henrik Munch

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fjordhest familiehestA family's horse

Everyone knows what a Fjord Horse looks like and dear child has many names, but today the breed has the official name Fjord Horse.

Almost 100 years ago, the first Fjord horses came to Denmark to work in agriculture. The number of Fjord horses has far exceeded what can be imagined due to its original use as a work and driving horse.

A Fjord horse knows it all, it is the whole family's horse. Whether you are into dressage, jumping or driving, Fjordhesten offers itself. It wants to work and is very teachable. These qualities mixed with a great temperament make it incredibly easy to love.

As it originates from the harsh Norwegian Westland, it is a frugal horse breed and rarely needs the vet. In short, you have a friend for life when you have a Fjord Horse.

Over the last many years, the Fjord Horse has done more than noticeable at all venues throughout the country, which is why the interest in "the yellow" has also increased sharply in the last few years.


“Fjordhesten Danmark is pleased that so many riders have chosen Fjord horse. A consistent and structured breeding work has made it possible to breed an athletic and strong horse, which the riders benefits from.

Speaks chairman Henrik Munch




Without the great interest in the Fjord Horse from all over Europe, we would not have been able to hold such a fantastic and large event as the European Championships for Fjord Horses.

We look forward to a fantastic European Championship at Vilhelmsborg, to 4 days in the sign of sport and breeding.